Tobias Haus investigates many sorts of sonic objects - though most often ones pertaining to ambient, noise, and popular musics - to deliberately craft colorful and spacious auditory fields. 

Much of Tobias's work considers environment, advertisement, and literature as conversational impetuses central to ideological and aesthetic development. He holds a B.M. in Music Composition from the Hartt School at the University of Hartford.


Tea Time is more about posing questions than answering them; and, in such a spirit, I must say: I am trying to start a legal battle with Lipton- could you connect me to their H.R.?

Tea Time

Courtly Dragon

(on the dangers of civility;,)


i am held prisoner in a cavern;

the dragon who has captured me

says he's looking to take up a

new hobby:

perhaps snorkeling, or community


something to get back in shape.

i cannot possibly offer my opinion

he has already started devouring my mouth, ow

Benjamin Ellery

stories, of course, have ways of betraying appearances


Benjamin Ellery

waves on the street to you

and me in his brightly,

Britishly, humorous kind of


and each day heads home to

his unmade platform bed and

elects for wine and Sudoku

instead of visiting the

graveyard like he promised

himself he would.

Benjamin, oh, Benjamin;

let me stop by next Sunday-

i'll bring homemade lasagna

and we can talk about your

dream of being the oldest astronaut in space, at 87.

Prickle-soft Chant

there is a particular strangeness to aerial-shot cooking videos. perhaps it's their insistence upon anonymity, or their total lack of authorship regarding something so completely essential and personal (food.). in any case, vacuums have to eat too.


for questions, commissions, scores, etc. looking forward to hearing from you!

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